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Smart Education


Smart Education

Smart Educuation is to discuss how we use AIoT to affect education industry. In China, we also say it educational informatization, refers to the process of promoting educational reform and development by applying modern information technology comprehensively and deeply in the field of education (educational management, educational teaching and educational research). Its technology is characterized by digitalization, networking, intellectualization and multi-media, and its basic characteristics are openness, sharing, interaction, collaboration and ubiquity. Promote education modernization with educational informatization and change traditional mode with information technology.  

Education informationization is an important part of national informationization, which has far-reaching significance for transforming educational thoughts and concepts, deepening educational reform, improving educational quality and efficiency, and cultivating innovative talents. It is an inevitable choice for realizing the leapfrog development of education.

With the rapid development of information technology, great changes have taken place in learning methods and teaching models in the field of education. Smart education products and solutions featuring cloud computing, mobile Internet, Internet of Things and big data have quietly emerged. Smart education focuses on solving the following problems: reducing repetitive construction, improving teaching quality, enhancing management efficiency, promoting education balance, and highlighting education equity.

Smart Education

Smart education products and solutions featuring cloud computing, mobile Internet, Internet of Things and big data are widely applied to products as below:

● Information display monitors or all in one panel computers.

These devices are performed as a kind of information sharing places from where students can get the details related with classes or examinations such as times, schedules and places and so on.

● Intelligent access control system

These devices are using the advanced face recognition technology to make sure persons entering and exiting are the people allowed , to ensure safety of school and people. What’s more, it can identify personnel information and record entry and exit attendance.

● Campus industrial control kiosks

These kiosks are equipped with different sizes displays and a motherboard and relevant accessories to work as control terminals to realize Intelligent control of lighting, environment, electricity consumption, energy consumption, door locks and so on.

Smart Education

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